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>> and we're live at san francisco's glide memorial where hundreds of volunteers are expected to show up to start the preparations for one of thanksgiving's long-standing holiday traditions. ready set go with a race to the auto show at the moscone show in san francisco. how about this electric race car? we'll talk about that and your weather coming up. >> and we're nothing an accident in san jose blocking vta light rail. i'll have details on that in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. of course, it's thursday, happy thanksgiving, everyone! november 22nd. glad you're sharing it with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> yes. i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. happening right now, black friday deals not on friday but today on thanksgiving. kmart stores just opened with huge specials. >> 601. cbs 5 reporter somewhere in the mess there is elissa harrington at kmart. >> reporter: when the doors
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open people literally ran inside grabbing their carts around rushing off to the areas where they want to get gifts. they are shopping for themselves, too. some of the hot ticket items electronics. here at kmart, you can get a 42" tv for 199.99. used to be $450. nintendo dsi for 79.99. some dvd players for $10. digital cameras for $50. so some people -- [ yelling ] >> reporter: so some people have been waiting in line since 10:00 last night waited 8 hours to get in here. but we're talking about black friday. it's thursday right, thanksgiving, well a lot of stores to stay competitive are opening early this year not just kmart but several others, as well. they want to get shoppers in the doors early and then back home so that they can still enjoy thanksgiving with their family. i talked with quite a few people early this morning who were waiting in line and asked
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them if this is all worth it. we got here around 3:00. so, you know, not all night but it's worth it to see the looks on our families' faces when they open up their gifts. hopefully my mom is not watching this. >> reporter: the national retail federation estimates that 147 million people will shop over this black friday weekend and, of course, if you missed out on the deals today and tomorrow, there's always cyber monday. in san mateo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. i'd like a tv, elissa, just saying. most stores are waiting until tonight or tomorrow to open. some already have lines of people outside. this is a look at the people last night camping outside a best buy in pleasant hill. some have been there for days and this scene is playing out at the score in the bay area and beyond all over the country right now. and here's a look at some retail stores opening tonight. sears, toys 'r us walmart at 8:00, target at 9:00. locally two malls will open at
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midnight thanksgiving night for the first time ever. they are the valley fair in san jose and santa clara, and stoneridge in pleasanton. if you would like more tips on how to save on black friday or what's open, what's not, head to there's a holiday backlash from employees at walmart. [ chanting ] >> dozens of pro-union protestors rallied at this oakland in walmart yesterday. similar rallies are planned for tonight and tomorrow. walmart is nonunion. the protestors claim the company thrives bidenning workers a living wage. walmart has asked the national labor relations board to stop the rallies but a decision probably won't come in time. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is add glide memorial. a lot of volunteers got up early and looks like turkey is
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being serve. >> reporter: i can smell it. my stomach is already grumbling. the volunteers are already here slicing and dicing getting ready for the day ahead. 5,000 meals will be served here today. and look, you can get a look up close at that turkey meal right now. glide memorial started this thanksgiving tradition almost 30 years ago. organizers say they get an overwhelming response from the community. once that volunteer list pops up at the beginning of november within hours we're told it's full. this thanksgiving feast draws in about 600 volunteers and that this event is truly powered by the generosity of the community. >> we have people that come every year. so as the day starts, we'll start to see people that we saw last year and the year before and they have been doing this for like 20 and 30 years. their kids grew up here. >> today will kick off with a thanksgiving breakfast at 7:00 this morning in just less than an hour, then dinners served throughout the day after 9:00 this morning. glide memorial expects to serve
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about 5,000 needy families today. get a look at the volunteers, they are already carving turkeys. we want to make note they don't just do this on thanksgiving but they do it all year round. they serve 3 meals a day all in all about a million homeless and needy are fed. and glide memorial wanted to remind you that this is not something again that they do on thanksgiving but all year round and so if you do want to donate, stop by, whether it's money or food or your time. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. looking for something to do with the family today? there's lots going on. check out the 55th annual san francisco auto show. >> yeah. believe it or not, it is open on thanksgiving day. we thought that was a little strange but lawrence, i guess a lot of folks check it out. right? >> reporter: yeah, they say tens of thousands of people will be down here today on thanksgiving at the auto show. now, it opens up at 10:00 this morning until 10 p.m. so plenty of time to come down
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here and enjoy the auto show. in fact, it is open right on in through the weekend. lots of car, mini cooper, race cars, electric cars, we are going to have more on those coming up in a few minutes. let's talk a little weather right now. a lot of sunshine come our way in the afternoon. it's a little chilly to start out the day as some of those temperatures have dropped off in the 30s and 40s in some of the valleys. patchy fog, as well. toward the afternoon, though, high pressure builds in, the temperatures are going to be very nice. and it will be a dry day all day long. in fact, high pressure building in will keep sunshine in the forecast probably for at least the next five, maybe seven days outside. so yeah, if you are looking for something to do on this thanksgiving, a great day to check out some of these cars. we'll have more on the electric vehicles coming up in a moment. right now let's check your roads with gianna. >> all right, lawrence. thank you very much. we have reports of an accident in san jose that are blocking tracks for vta light rain and blocking a chp patrol car. northbound brokaw in san jose
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between karena and the metro airport station. they have set up bus bridges in place until they get things back working through there. so again expect slight delays especially heading towards the airport via the metro airport station for vta light rail. elsewhere, we do have some okay speeds going through the south bay right now so if you are hitting the freeways no delays to report along 280, 101 or guadalupe parkway. also, 237 so far sewed goo. not a lot of cars out -- so far, so good. not a lot of sunshine of cars out there. flooding at jacklin road shut down for broken sprinklers. this morning, gaza is claiming victory hours after a cease-fire was reached to end the worst cross-border fighting in four years. there had been celebrations in the streets of gaza where air strikes have killed more than 160 people in the past eight days. cbs reporter susan mcginnis reports more work needs to be done if this truce is going to have staying power.
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reporter: shops are re- opening and clean-up is under way in gaza. the city suffered massive damage during a bloody eight- day rocket war between israel and hamas. under the cease-fire agreement, hamas promises to stop firing rockets. israel says it will end air strikes and will ease border restrictions that have stifled gaza's economy for years. israeli troops that had been poised for a possible ground war pulled back this morning. in tel aviv, most israelis were also happy to hear the news. >> i would like to believe that not fighting will always do more good than fighting. but i'm very happy to hear that. >> reporter: egypt's new islamist government was the driving force behind the negotiations to end the conflict with diplomatic help from secretary of state hillary clinton. clinton spent two days shuttling between jerusalem, the west bank and cairo. >> people of this region deserve the chance to live free from fear and violence and today's agreement is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: clinton expects
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egypt to play a key role in maintaining peace. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. two cars riddled with bullets on an east bay freeway shut down the freeway on a heavy commute night last night. they were found near seminary exit westbound 580 in oakland. there was no one in either car. police haven't found anyone related to the cars. the freeway shut down for two hours ars the police were investigating. meanwhile oakland police are investigating a murder that happened about an hour later and a mile away. they were called to hilton street in east oakland about 9:0 last night. a male victim was shot at least once died at the scene. there's no suspect information this morning. and people in the oakland hills neighborhood are taking high-tech crime-fighting to a whole 'nother level. >> there are the typical warning signs for criminals and
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security cameras, visible on porches of homes. but what's not visible is a co- op organized and funded by 90 neighbors. it includes hidden infrared cameras throughout the neighborhood. the man who created neighborhood guard says thousands of others have expressed interest in joining. >> i think that this is not going to solve all our problems. i do think that this will make us more safe. >> the cameras have already helped. for example, they recorded images of a hit-and-run and a man prowling in the neighborhood at 2 a.m. about the time someone broke into nearby cars. the images and information are turned over to police. 6:10. today means a lot of food and a lot of football. a peek at how our soldiers are celebrating this thanksgiving day in afghanistan. >> do you recognize these people? >> no. >> a bay area mystery. police on the hunt for a bride and groom. the mementos that turned up in a parking lot.
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>> and stopping traffic. a woman's unique proposal to her boyfriend but he had to be going slow enough to see it. we'll explain coming up. ,,
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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a very american way. soldiers stationed in kabu u.s. troops in afghanistan celebrated thanksgiving day today in a very american way. why not? soldiers stationed at kabul took in a game of football. check the jerseys they're wearing, green and white. donated by the new york jets. after the game, troops enjoyed a traditional thanksgiving dinner. >> that's nice. >> then they can watch the jets and pats today. new this morning tens of thousands are getting ready to hit the streets of downtown san jose in just a few hours. the silicon valley turkey trot
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starts in about 15 minutes. >> it's early. excuse me. >> there you go. 5 and 10k runs plus a wheelchair and kids race. since it began eight years ago the turkey trot raised more than $2 million for valley charities. 25,000 people are expected to participate today lots of people out there. an estimated 3 million people are in new york to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade. love this parade. >> i do, too. it just kicked off minutes ago. more than 50 balloons will float over the parade route and looks like they have a beautiful day. they also have 28 floats and 11 marching bands. this year, there are some special seats for some of the families hit hard by superstorm sandy. so that's nice. you can watch the entire parade right here on cbs 5. it of course is tape delayed. it starts right after the football game against the lions and the texans and after that around 1:00 this afternoon you will be able to watch the parade which looks like it's doing very well. >> we saw hello kitty earlier
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and spider-man is out there. but that's pretty cool. but lawrence karnow is doing something cool too. >> he has been in two mercedes, a smart car, in a nascar, he has had a little mini cooper. and what have you got now, big guy? >> reporter: we have an electric race car. how about that? top speed 140 miles per hour. electric vehicles becoming more and more common. and they are going to be part of the show if you want to come down here to the auto show here at the moscow center. you're taking a look at all the technology that's changed over the years and now electric cars are become a big part of that. now part of the show. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, for more electric vehicles are coming online, nissan's leaf, toyota rav-4 ev, koda. we have a display here called driving electric. you can come down and see the charges, talk to people who can
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explain to you what exactly it takes to put these kinds of equipment into your car to charge your vehicle and run it all day and adapt to the lifestyle that you lead. >> reporter: the bay area really environmentally-friendly conscious. you guys get a lot of people really coming by now with a large attraction and come by and see the electric vehicles. >> we started about 6 years ago, 7 years ago. we started to bring in what we refer to as alternative fuel displays but now you're seeing mostly confined to the electric cars, confined to the hybrid vehicles predominantly. so we built up that area. we have 3,000 square feet this driving electric display where you have the aaa truck that will come and charge your car if it runs down, koda is over there charge across town has a display in there. so a lot of neat things so that you can learn about the technology and figure out, all right, is this going to work in my life? >> reporter: that's the key. it has to work in your lifestyle to make you do it. that's the neat thing about car shows. if you want to come down to moscone center, you get to see
6:18 am
some of the latest technology and that's what you can see here today and right on in through the weekend. let's talk weather. outside today, we are looking at some patchy fog showing up in the valleys. the temperatures are a little bit chilly especially compared to yesterday. those numbers down in the 30s and 40s in many spots. 50s into the city of san francisco. but as we head throughout the day we are going to see a lot of sunshine and high pressure taking over. that means we have a great day coming our way. dry weather all day as that ridge sits overhead. so yeah, we should see these temperatures popping up nicely into the 60s by the afternoon. and i think probably even a little bit warmer in the coming days as that ridge will continue to strengthen maybe we would begin to see some 70s as we head in toward tomorrow and the first part of the weekend. but then we may begin to cool things down toward the middle of next week. late next week, we could be talking about the possibility of a return to some rain. but if you want to come down to moscone center, this is a great place to see all the technology. you like electric cars, they have a lot of them out here. coming up, i'm going to show up
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may favorite car of the whole show, gianna. >> lawrence, we can't wait. if you are headed out to the roads right now, we have reports of an accident. it is a fender-bender. but it is involving a chp patrol car, located in san jose. it's block the vta light rain between karena and metro airport stations. the accident is on north first and brokaw in san jose so avoid that. they have bus bridges set up to get folks where they need to go this morning. good news, most mass transit is on a holiday schedule lighter than usual on traffic, ace train no service today. south bay freeways look good no delays to report. and if you are headed to the bay bridge toll plaza unfortunately our camera got shy there but things look good up the incline and clear across the upper deck, there it is, into san francisco. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:20. it's not sort of thing you would just toss away. fremont police are trying to find the owners of a briefcase with a wedding album inside. someone found it in the parking
6:20 am
lot of a child care center then turned it in to police. the sikh wedding too many in 2008 and the couple's names are vijay and ranjit. a case like this is not a top priority in the big picture but it is important to someone. >> i had a wallet in his my desk for 20 years, i swear to god, and i finally found the owner of it. >> you did not. >> i did. >> so if you recognize these two vijay and ranjit, fremont police would like to hear from you. and speaking of weddings, a texas woman gets practical when proposing to her boyfriend. >> she caught him on the commute home. desiree hung up a sign on a highway overpass hoping her boyfriend would see it. well, the couple has been together now for nine years. they have two children. james bradford did eventually drive by and believe it or not saw the sign.
6:21 am
he met desiree at the top of the bridge and said sure. i'll marry you. >> here he is. >> how romantic. nothing like love on a freeway. 6:21 now. a little razzle dazzle on the court in our play of the day. >> and it's the big question mark for 49er fans. who will start in sunday's game against the saints at quarterback? the latest word in the controversy when we come back. ,,,,
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rethink possible. 49ers and who will start for them at quarterback sunday, against the new orleans sai. a lot of mystery surrounding the 49ers and who will start for them at quarterback sunday against the new orleans saints. >> i guess it's a mystery no more. it surprises me.
6:25 am
"sports illustrated" reports that coach jim harbaugh has told his number one quarterback that guy right there alex smith that colin kaepernick will start this weekend. in addition, sports illustrated says it's not health related. kaepernick performed like a stud sunday. smith has a concussion. no official comment from the team but a bit of a surprise there. it may work. play of the day to the nba we're in houston where ex- warrior nate robinson now with the chicago bulls with an impressive little 360 layup. dipsy do, turnaround, the right hand, and that baby goes in. the rockets won 93-89. by the way, warriors beat the nets at home and they have won 4 of 5. >> that was a dipsy do. >> one of those. for the game of today. the annual big bone game a thanksgiving football tradition
6:26 am
at san jose. this has been going on since the 1940s pitting lincoln high school against the academy. the game is named after the trophy made from a cattle femur that a student found in his dad's butcher shop decades ago. the game is at 11 a.m. at city college. >> nothing better than high school football on thank. big tradition on the east coast. it is 6:26 right now. coming up, a fragile cease-fire in the middle east now. what needs to be done to keep the peace. >> holiday shoppers up before dawn. the bay area stores hoping to cash in on black thursday. >> and we're live at san francisco's glide memorial. take a look. the carving has already begun as volunteers prepare to serve 5,000 meals to san francisco's need. we'll have more on that coming up. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, everyone. it's thursday, november 22. happy thanksgiving to everyone out there. i'm michelle griego. >> probably a lot of people getting ready to cook get the bird in the oven. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30 on your thanksgiving morning. and hundreds of people serving thousands of meals this morning. >> yeah. they are up early to make sure less fortunate people in san francisco have a delicious thanksgiving. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at glide memorial with a holiday tradition. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you in the studio and to everyone watching. i feel honored to be surrounded by a real group of volunteers taking the time on their thanksgiving morning to spend here to help other people and
6:31 am
i'm actually joined now by one such individual, daniel maxwell who has actually been doing this for the past 7 years. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> reporter: now, talk to me about, you know, the past 7 years you have been here every morning spending your thanksgiving mornings here trying to help others. why is this important to you? >> it's important to help me because i'm able to help people. by coming here on thanksgiving, christmas and volunteering throughout the year i'm able to give back. >> reporter: what's it like for you coming out and seeing the people that you have been helping directly being part of your community? i'm sure that's an overwhelming feeling for you? >> it's a good feeling. good feeling to know that somebody can come here get a good meal have you know -- get clothing and get everything -- glide does a wonderful job in the community helping people in night. >> reporter: so do you. thank you so much for your help and again thank you for your service to the community. we appreciate it. to give the basics, about 600 volunteers show up for the
6:32 am
event. once they put up the sign-up list, within minutes it's full so you can get an idea of how many people want to take part. and it doesn't stop there. this is something that glide memorial does throughout the year. they do three meals a day 364 days a year and they say they can always use more help more donations and they welcome the public to sign up on their website, drop in, bring any cash or food donations. so there is always room to help out. we are live at san francisco's glide memorial. cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> they are doing great work. okay, cate, thank you. well, believe it or not, black friday shopping has already begun. the kmart store in san mateo opened just a half hour ago. dozens waited overnight to get their hands on some good deals. and cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the peninsula kmart. elissa, we hear there are many people there that are not too happy. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people leaving here empty-handed. and this is why. this was one of the hot ticket items this 32" lc dtv. originally about $250 on sale for $97.
6:33 am
well, a lot of people came in for this tv. but what happened is that the workers here were giving out vouchers to the first people in line. only 10 vouchers to get that tv. so only 10 people were able to walk away with this item. a lot of people who came in for that very upset. listen to this. >> i'm upset because i -- i stayed up all night to come. and then they don't even have the dvd players! >> it's crazy. >> reporter: okay. well, a lot of people got in line last night around 10:00 so some people were waiting 8 hours to get their hands on some deals. now, even though there were some people upset, a lot of people very happy to get their shopping done before their thanksgiving meal later on today. i got a chance to speak with a spokesman at kmart and she said that's the idea of why they are opening on thanksgiving day to get people in the door, get the shopping done and take care of their thanksgiving meal and spend the day with their families. i want to show you here at the
6:34 am
bottom and in very small print it says that tickets for certain electronics door buster specials will be passed out starting two hours before store opening. so that's what happened outside. but, of course, all those people who were waiting in the cold for hours who didn't read that very disappointed leaving kmart this morning. but good news, when this reopen tonight at 8:00 and then of course again tomorrow there will be more of those tvs available. just this time around they only gave out 10 vouchers. in san mateo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> normal though. a lot of the stores have a limited supply. >> read the fine print. here are some stores that will open tonight. sears, toys 'r us and walmart at 8 p.m. target at 9 p.m. locally, two malls will open at midnight for the first time, they are valley fair in san jose and santa clara and stoneridge shopping center in pleasanton. well, if you are not cooking the bird or tired of hanging out at home and need a
6:35 am
place to go, the 55th annual san francisco auto show is open today at 10:00. >> i know. it's great. it seems like that would be a good tradition. you get to check out really neat cars. >> reporter: we have had a request from maureen. she wanted to see some of the fiats here so maureen, this is for you. check out these brand-new fiats. small economical cars loaded with all these beautiful cars at the car show. check it out. they have all the latest technology. pretty slick. let's talk about weather here on this thank. we are talking about a lot of sunshine coming our way and we are going to need it this morning. it's chilly in spots. 30s inland, the coastline into the 50s. into san francisco, high pressure sneaking in overhead making for a beautiful
6:36 am
thanksgiving day, lots of sunshine toward the afternoon. and then it looks like the next few days going to be spectacular. highs today going to be running up into the 60s so we are looking at spectacular weather. not only do we have fiats here, we have mercedes, we have volkswagen, you name it, all kinds of cars coming up in a few minutes though checking out my favorite car, gianna, that's the latest, back to you. >> i know. we're all very excited to see what this favorite car, lawrence. if you are in your car this morning or about to get into your car, traffic very light in a lot of areas. so far, so good at the bay bridge toll plaza. no delays to report. in fact, san mateo bridge same story, things looking good in both directions. about a 13-minute ride between 880 and 101. no delays along 101 either. now, elsewhere, we have some mass transit delays to report. vta light rail does have bus bridges in place between karena and the metro airport stations. that's due to an accident blocking the tracks. looks like things are trying to move hopefully will be cleared
6:37 am
shortly. mass transit, bart, muni, caltrain all on a holiday- sunday schedule. ace train no service today. a live look at the golden gate bridge coming up. back to you. >> thank you. 6:37 now. gaza residents are calling it a fresh start a cease-fire appears to be holding this morning putting an end to that eight days of deadly attacks between israel and hamas. there have been celebrations in the streets in gaza where more than 160 people have been killed the past week. the truce calls for the palestinian group hamas to stop firing rockets at israel. israel in turn says it will end the air strikes on the gaza strip. and it's now pulled back its troops from the border there. egypt's new islamic government played key roles in the negotiations with help from secretary of state hillary clinton. >> now we have to focus on reaching a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and
6:38 am
advances the security, dignity and legitimate aspirations of palestinians and israelis alike. >> israel and gaza leaders still have to negotiate a deal that would open borders of the blockaded palestinian territory. five israelis and 161 palestinians were killed during the eight days of the attacks. today marks 49 years since president john f. kennedy was assassinated in dallas shot during a motorcade in texas. the governor there john connolly in the same open car was seriously wounded. the suspect lee harvey oswald was arrested and then shot by jack ruby. police are investigating a gun battle that shut down lanes of interstate 580 in oakland for hours. two cars were found riddled with bullets near the seminary exit last night but there was no one in either car and police have not found anyone who may have been hurt. the freeway was completely
6:39 am
closed for about two hours for the police investigation. meantime a homicide not far from that shooting. officers were called to hilton street near seminary avenue at 9:30 last night where they found a male victim who had been shot at least once. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there's no suspect information at this time. 6:39 now. a woman who is very thankful has come to cbs 5 for some help finding a highway hero. she says the man came to her aid when she crashed her car on highway 4. it was a scary accident, too. teresa brill's car flipped twice over a guardrail and right into oncoming traffic. a good samaritan then rushed to her rescue. she remembers he was wearing military fatigues and knew what to do in an emergency. >> he turned to the front of me and talked to me and did a quick physical examination to make sure i could feel, make sure my hips weren't broken, made sure my spine was intact and he just talked to me and kept me calm when i felt like i was going to pass out, when i was hyperventilating and not
6:40 am
sure what was going on. >> apparently he stayed with her until they put her in the ambulance. then he was gone. brill is hoping when she gets the police report it will include the man's name so she can say thank you. she has a lot to be thankful for. >> hope she finds him. 6:40 now. eat more, lose weight? you can even eat butter? i don't know about that. it's only though if it's the right kind. the new way of looking at dieting. >> and waiting for apple's spaceship. the new timeline for building its cupertino headquarters coming up. ,,
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-what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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from superstorm sandy, is help hbors in need.
6:44 am
>> that is so bad. [ laughter ] >> you like the fly on the wall? >> that's so bad. >> no. okay. 6:44 now. a community still recovering from superstorm sandy is helping neighbors in need there. a school principal in new york came up with the idea to raise money to provide this feast to students and their families. they say they won't be eating turkey today. instead they will be cleaning up from the storm. the clean-up volunteers enjoyed their thanksgiving day meal early. >> i'm very thankful. right now i'm just thankful that we have this. >> a warm meal. >> a warm meal. >> some new yorkers still have no heat and a few just got their power back. but it's good that people are helping out. >> absolutely. hey, you know what? if you want to do a little pre- shopping before the holidays, need a new car? [ laughter ] >> lawrence karnow is at the biggest shopping center in the
6:45 am
world. it's the car show, the auto show right here in san francisco. and what have you got for us this time around, lawrence? >> reporter: guys, you know what? i didn't think i needed a new car but you know what? after seeing this, i need a new car. >> we all do. >> reporter: how about this? this is a mercedes sls, what a car this is! spectacular view. it almost looks like the batmobile. this is something else. but this is the kind of car that you're going to see here at the auto show here if you want to come down to the moscone center. i'm going to sit in this. how about this? take a look for yourself how spectacular this is. nice leather seating and check out the speedometer. can you believe that? that since 240 miles per hour! i have that need for speed! who doesn't. etch getting to work early in the morning maybe not that fast. i have kevin diamond here the director of the auto show. kevin, it's get to be fun to just have neat cars like this in the show. >> yeah. we're really excited. this is one of the best shows we have had in several years. we have to thank all the manufacturers for bringing in
6:46 am
the top of the line displays some of the best cars in the world. and, you know, we just think we're going to have a great show. we are opening this morning at 10a we are going to run through monday and we invite everybody to come down and really experience this. we are opening this morning at 10 a.m. >> reporter: we're showing you the beautiful mercedes sls but we have electric cars and all kinds of different things for people to see. >> we like to say that there is something for every member of the family. you have the electric cars, you have race cars, you have hotrods, you have classic cars. if you are in the market for a new car in the next six months, come on down here, you can see everything all under one roof. maybe just you're a car guy or an aficianado. there's plenty to see here and we welcome you down here. kids 12 and under free when acompanied by an adult. >> reporter: you have tens of thousands of people coming down here today but you guys are open throughout the next couple of days through the weekend so you're going to bring, how many thousands of people through here? >> well, you know, we expect to bring in hundreds of
6:47 am
thousands down here. we are open through monday. 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. except for that final monday when we'll close at 8 p.m. get down here. you got to see what we have going on down here. again, the manufacturers have done something marvelous and this facility i mean, it's rated one of the best in the country, moscone center. absolutely wonderful place. >> reporter: it is really nice and what a day to drive a car like this. you got a beautiful sunny day, drive around in a car like this. you want to get noticed! you'll get noticed in this thing, that's for sure. out the door, it is chilly so you want to crank up the heater a bit. some 30s and 40s in the valleys and patchy fog too. we are expecting lots of sunshine though as we head in toward the afternoon and those temperatures comfortably up into the 60s. i think high pressure will be building in these next couple of days and as it does of course that rain line is going to head well to the north. that will make sure that we keep things nice and dry here right on in through the weekend. but i think we're going to see temperatures today up into the 60s. beautiful weather all throughout the afternoon and it looks like it will continue.
6:48 am
the big concern maybe over the next few days is some of that patchy fog. other than that, lots of sunshine and dry weather through the first part of the next week. so if you want to do it come on down to moscone center. how about this? what a nice ride, gianna. this is my dream car now. what do you think? >> i think it's awesome! i think we're all waiting for you to drive it over and pick us up. >> reporter: oh, i love this car... [ laughter ] >> i think lawrence is a fan of that car. he is in love, that's what michelle just said. he's in love. you might be in love with the freeways this morning. look at this. if you are headed to grandma's house today, traffic is very light. no delays to report. golden gate bridge looking good as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. elsewhere, if you are taking mass transit, the good news is, everything is back on time vta light rail service was using bus bridges because of an accident on the tracks at first and brokaw. that's been cleared. everything though is on a holiday schedule so plan for that. no ace train service today. that resumes on monday. good news as well, northbound 680 at jackson road they have
6:49 am
reopened one lane there. so traffic is getting through there on the off-ramp. it's not affecting the main lines of the freeway. but there was a broken sprinkler that was causing a lot of flooding on that ramp. but again, things should be clearing there shortly. back to you. >> i think lawrence will fall out of love when he finds out how much that car costs. love affair done. 6:49. the thanksgiving holiday means wall street is off for the day. stocks rallied yesterday though on news of the cease-fire in the middle east. the dow added 48 points, nasdaq gained 10, international markets rose today though on word that china answer manufacturing expanded for the first time in 13 months. silicon valley will have to wait a while longer for the spaceship to land. the spaceship is that huge elaborate circle shape headquarters they plan to build in cupertino. steve jobs laid out plans for the spaceship last year at a city council meeting a few months before he died. the building was expected to open in 2015 but now likely the middle of 2016. construction begins sometime next year.
6:50 am
the average american is expected to take in nearly 4500 calories today. if you can believe that. but this may make you feel better. dr. kim says it's okay to stuff yourself this thanksgiving. got to do it. thank goodness. apparently it's the latest way to lose weight. who knew. you can even eat candy but not just any kind. >> reporter: from sodas to burgers, the more we get, the more we eat but that can have consequences. >> obesity, diabetes, cholesterol problems. >> reporter: now eat more and lose weight. >> really? >> reporter: really. it's called volumetrics. >> could larger portions be better than trying to limit so severely your portion size? because people don't feel full. >> reporter: the idea, eat until you're full. your body measures fullness by the volume of food in your stomach. but you can't supersize with just any kind of food. you want to pile up on foods
6:51 am
that are low calorie, nutrient rich, and packed with water. >> vegetables have a multitude of nutrients and fiber. >> reporter: this registered die at the time, jo ann hattner, says there's science to back it up. you will full faster on fewer calories. don't skip salad or soup as a first course. >> you want the food to be about 150 calories before the meal. >> reporter: another idea, do a little math and calculate the food's energy density. take a food divide the number of calories by the number of grams and try to stick to choices that amount to two or less. lettuce, apples and broccoli are zero. tilapia, baked potato and egg are one of the salmon, miso soup and guacamole are two. another way to add volume, add air. whipped foods contain volume but fewer calories. >> when you make a smoothie or you make a shake, you're whipping air into that. >> reporter: it's better to enjoy cotton candy or jellybeans or whipped butter instead of a pad of butter.
6:52 am
>> sounds logical. i think that's a really great idea. >> makes sense. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill cbs 5. >> my banana split cake i made last night? 2,000 calories. >> my parents say if you bring a calculator to the thanksgiving day table you're out! 6:52. the holiday shopping rush happening now. the bay area shoppers who just missed some mighty big deals. >> and prepping turkey plus all the fixings for a bay area tradition. the volunteers ready to serve thousands of thanksgiving meals this morning. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
6:53 am
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6:55 am
cbs-5 reporter cate cauguirs in san francisco, where this morning's meal is just the beginning.... it's breakfast time at glide memorial. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is there where the morning meal is just beginning. i bet you can't wait to sit
6:56 am
down. >> reporter: my stomach has been grumbling for hours! let me tell you, you know what, i want to focus on the volunteers. there's a lot of dedication here going on for an hour slight slicing, dicing, carving and peeling. glide memorial has been serving up this thanksgiving feast for almost 30 years, drawing in about 600 volunteers each time. in fact, i was told the volunteer slots fill up within hours and today, they are going to serve about 5,000 needy families and dinner is going to start in a couple of hours about 9:00 it's going throughout the day. later on you can expect to see cast members from the broadway musical ""lion king"" and chef celebrities also serving bag lunches so it is a great day of giving back for all of these people who spent some time years here coming back and giving up their time and again glide memorial is asking people to donate time, money, anything
6:57 am
they can especially during the holidays. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. well, black friday shopping is in full swing this morning at kmart. the store opened its doors at 6 a.m. the big draw, a 32" flat screen tv. the one in san mateo only had 10 this morning for $199. some were not happy but despite that they were in good thanksgiving spirit. tens of thousands hit the streets of downtown san jose. the silicon valley turkey trot kicked off a half hour ago. there are 5 and 10k runs plus wheel and kids' race. since it began 8 years ago, the turkey trot raised more than $2 million for valley charities. 25,000 people are expected to participate today. a big event. >> that's ambitious. 6:30 trotting. >> no kidding. >> i don't think i could do it. lawrence karnow, now where he is. >> he is. are you going to tell us your favorite car? >> you know what? how about these cars down here?
6:58 am
this has been really a lot of fun. if you want to check them at the auto show come on down. they open at 10:00 this morning. you will see just about every kind of car you can possibly imagine all that new technology too. now, the weather is looking good outside. we are expecting high pressure to build in. a little chilly to begin with heading out the door but throughout the day today we'll see mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. and then temperatures will be heating up nicely, lots of 60s by the afternoon, as well. and then the next few days that ridge is going to actually strengthen. these temperatures could move up into the 70s in some of the warmer spots and then it looks like the weather is going to stay dry through the holiday weekend through the first part of next week, gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. capital wait to see you cruising around in that mercedes. >> oh, yeah. >> if you are cruising -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- towards the bay bridge. >> he likes that car. >> not too bad. this is what traffic looks like throughout most of the bay area. so if you have to go somewhere, you're in luck. look at that. no one is on the san mateo bridge. all right. it looks good. >> because it's thanksgiving. >> i know. >> happy thanksgiving to both of you. >> and happy thanksgiving to you too. thanks so much, gianna.
6:59 am
we'll have one of the favorite thanksgiving traditions for you right here on cbs 5 at 1:00 this afternoon. >> we l our coverage ofthe thanksgiving day parade is at 1:00, football at 9 a.m. there are 3 million people in new york this morning for the parade. >> i can't tell what that is. >> there are more than 50 balloons, 28 floats, 11 marching bands this year. there are some special seats too for some of the families that got hit hard by superstorm sandy. so a nice gesture there. looks like a beautiful day in new york. >> yeah. love watching that parade, too. thanks for watching "eyewitness news this morning." remember your next local update is at 7:25. have a happy thanksgiving, everyone. and "cbs this morning" coming up next. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thanksgiving day, november 22nd, 2012. happy thanksgiving.

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